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Committed to Ohio Manufacturing growth.

BOB娱乐体育’s mission is to drive Northeast Ohio manufacturing growth. Our values align directly with that mission, as we believe the most important thing we build is manufacturer success. It’s not about what is best for BOB娱乐体育, it’s about what is best for you, the manufacturer or the community.

Fueling Ohio manufacturing growth, for lasting economic impact.

At BOB娱乐体育, we’re inspired to drive regional impact. Our mission is to make Northeast Ohio thrive through growing manufacturers.

Did you know that Ohio ranks third in the nation for manufacturing employment? That’s already an incredible national impact. And there’s more:

  • Manufacturing is the largest of the 20 sectors of Ohio’s economy.
  • At almost 17%, manufacturing’s contribution to Ohio’s GDP is greater than that of any other industry sector.
  • Manufacturing accounts for more than 700,000 Ohio jobs.
  • Each manufacturing job pays for another 3.6 other jobs in the economy.

来源: Ohio Manufacturers’ Association

At BOB娱乐体育, the most important thing we build is client success.

We’re able to rally across teams, clients, and regional network thanks to a shared mission to drive regional manufacturing growth. It’s this mission that’s central to BOB娱乐体育’s core values—and why we do what we do every day. We focus on building client success, we take our relationships personally, and we work to continually optimize resources and improve.  


BOB娱乐体育 Core 值

The most important thing we build is client success.
Success in manufacturing is our top priority. Like our clients, we take ownership and pride in all we do. We are fully vested in manufacturers’ wellbeing and their visions for success. It’s not just about building products or processes. We’re transforming manufacturing and Ohio communities.

We take our relationships personally.
From our clients, to our partners, our internal teams, and our communities … all our wins begin with a deep appreciation for collaboration and teamwork. Only together can we push manufacturer and job growth to its fullest potential.

We optimize resources.
From the factory floor to the manufacturing industry at large, we are devoted stewards of time, treasure and talent. We are always improving—striving to do more through the transparent, objective and compassionate advice we share—between colleagues and with manufacturers. We do the right thing with our funds and bring in partners who are the best possible fit for each and every client.

We are inspired to drive regional impact.
That translates to more clients increasing or retaining revenues and jobs; trying something new to enhance productivity or save costs; and investing in their people, the community, or their business and strengthening local communities. These types of bottom-line results are why we’re excited to come to work every day. Call us the igniters of American ingenuity because we know that every manufacturer we help grow can spark growth in others. And, as we inspire more companies to do better, their growth inspires us to do more.

Putting BOB娱乐体育's mission, vision and values to action.

Now that you know what drives us, see how we actually roll up our sleeves to support manufacturers, through BOB娱乐体育’s growth services and beyond. 

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"I believe [adding jobs] is at the core of the mission of BOB娱乐体育. For us to be able to add six positions in the time that we’ve been working with BOB娱乐体育 is a testament to the support and success we’ve had with the projects we’ve executed with BOB娱乐体育.”

Bill Sulesky, Engineering Director, Winter Equipment